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Email marketing

The most profitable conversion strategy

What could be more valuable than your prospects’ or customers’ e-mails? 50% of consumers admit to buying at least once a month as a result of a marketing e-mail. We’ll help you build a personalized e-mail acquisition and list-serving strategy, so you can communicate the right message to the right audience.

Our email marketing services

Email acquisition strategy

If you don’t have an e-mail database of prospects, it’s time to build one! We love to implement acquisition strategies, for example by creating high-value content that can be downloaded in exchange for an e-mail. Contests, Lead Ads and many other tactics are also possible. It all depends on your objectives, your target and your product.

Customizing lists

Ultimately, it’s the personalization and relevance of content that will make an e-mail deliver conversions. There’s nothing like creating precise lists, by customer profile, to talk to them about the right subject, at the right time. This approach is part of an overall e-mail acquisition and customer relations strategy.

CRM configuration

Automation is the key to generating results quickly. So an automated marketing tool like Mailchimp or brevo is a must. If you don’t know how to use these platforms, we can help you set up your account and prospect lists.

Email templates

A good e-mail is one that converts. To do this, you need to use the best UX practices available to guide the reader to the right actions. Using your brand guidelines, we create effective templates that can be customized to suit your messages. These templates are delivered in HTML format and integrated directly into your marketing platform.

Content strategy

Keeping in touch with your customer base and prospects is essential. But what to say? A good e-mailing strategy includes promotional messages, but above all content with high added value. This step is part of an overall brand content strategy.